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Mar 21

How I Chose My First Record Player

beautiful wooden record player

Record players with belt drives will not possess the ability to have its records played in reverse mode, consequently removing an important feature that DJs require most. A huge part of the unneeded frills in a turntable might have been removed and only the primary elements (such as the platter) are going to be maintained …

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Mar 20

Why A Good Preamp Makes A Difference To Your Record Player

elac turntable

The best turntables would likely not include a phono preamp, because inbuilt preamps tend to be of a lower quality. It’s a lot like inbuilt speakers that you see in TVs or computer monitors nowadays. These do not produce the same level of quality than dedicated devices that come separately, mostly because there is a …

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Jan 12

Our First Post

Unfortunately, we’re still renovating our website, but check out this awesome first post for the time being! .. this is it, our first post.